Where your money goes

For every £1 you give, we spend:

  • 72p on implementing our vision through our programmes (building and repairing homes, providing vital skills, responding to disasters, etc)
  • 28p on fundraising the next £1 as well as governance and administrative costs

where your money goes 2023

Our impact

In the last 12 months, donations to Habitat for Humanity GB have helped thousands of families around the world.

You have provided houses for vulnerable families in Malawi, helped with the ongoing rebuilding of Nepal after the earthquake, and helped develop projects which allow families in Bangladesh to anticipate and mitigate the flood damage which is an inevitable part of life there.

We constantly look for ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and stretch the impact of the investment and trust placed in us. We are members of the:

  • Institute of Fundraising
  • NCVO
  • BOND
  • Fundraising Regulator


Key Global Impact Statistics

HFHI Global Impact Stats
Reports and Reviews

To find out more about Habitat for Humanity Great Britain and the global Habitat for Humanity network, you can view our annual reports and reviews here.