Feeling Peckish? Eat Bugs for Charity:

Bush Tucker Challenge

Bush tucker is on the menu this autumn and we are calling you to the challenge.

Global Village volunteer, Amy Coulbeck has recently tucked into a selection of locusts, water beetles, scorpions and snails in a bid to support women building stability and independence in Mumbai, through housing.

Women have been an important driving force behind the construction of Habitat Homes around the world. In January, 2017 Amy will join forces with a team of other women to help build homes for hardworking, vulnerable communities that are desperate to change their lives.

Compared to the challenges women face in the developing world due to inadequate shelter, spinach and Tarantula doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Here is how you can take up the challenge and complete your own Bush tucker trial medium_Tarantula on spinach.jpg

  1. Set a date and donation goal, then tell people about it on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.
  2. Purchase a banquet of creepy crawlies
  3. Invite your friends and get them to donate per bug consumed – who knows, the bugs might look so appetising they’ll pick some off your plate
  4. Pay in funds raised into Habitat for Humanity Great Britain via bank transfer or an Everyday Hero campaign.

If you would like to step up the difficulty, why not try the whole trial blind folded?

For more inspiration, here is Amy’s bug eating video. She has now raised her target of £1,500!

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