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With the new year (and new volunteer trips abroad) creeping up on us, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some of our favourite memories, recapping some of the best volunteer quotes from the year so far – highlighting why helping others is good for you, your team and even your company.

Since January this year, over 150 volunteers have participated in 10 different builds spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the UK.

As it’s only October, we still have a few more trips to fulfil before the year is out.

However, watching the leaves turn brown outside our office windows and feeling the winter months upon us, we’ve already started reminiscing our days spent building in 2017.

Over the last 8 months we’ve witnessed some incredible achievements and all thanks to our inspiring volunteers and teams on the ground.

10 Moments to Remember

#1 Hopefulness 

Comes from Georgina, who took part in our Global Village trip to Cambodia – Volunteer Quotes in Cambodia

“The feeling of pure joy and happiness knowing you have changed people’s lives just by giving up 10 days of your life is indescribable…

“You wanted to be the difference, to make a change, to light up someone’s life. You wanted to be better than you were, to grow and develop; to be stronger.”

Georgina actually wrote a whole blog post for us, describing her wonderful build abroad experience.

#2 An Inspiration

“To see the looks on the kids faces was definitely the most inspiring moment of the whole trip.” (Paul, also Cambodia)

#3 Powerful and Emotional 

Perfectly encapsulates the power of volunteering –

“My time in Malawi was an emotional roller coaster – building relationships with all of the families and children was wonderful, as they were all so welcoming and friendly. Our team was fantastic and I’ve made friends for life.” (Chris, Malawi Build)

#4 Take Nothing for Granted 

Also from Malawi, is a good lesson to learn from Steve –

“It taught me that we take a lot for granted and I am fortunate to have seen some of the largest smiles I have seen that will stay with me forever.”

Volunteers making a difference in Malawi

#5 Lifetime Friendships 

Comes from the whole WATG Team, who helped us design new housing in the Philippines

“Having the opportunity to volunteer in the Philippines is truly a most rewarding experience…Working as a team, with different teams of the same company coming together, getting to know each other and going through tough times together. A great way of forming good bonds.”

#6 Touching Hearts 

Reminds us how heart-warming and rewarding building a family a home can be –

“Where we started out as strangers at the beginning of the week, I feel a real affinity now with the family. It’s really fabulous, they’ve really touched my heart… Now they’ve got this light, bright, shiny new house. It will entirely change their status within the community.” (Julia, Nepal Build)

#7 A Force for Good

“I enjoy physically doing it, you can see where your money is going, where you’re helping people. You’re making a difference.” (Steve, also Nepal Build)

#8 A Great Foundation

We’ve stuck two of our favourite quotes together for this one. They both come from a couple of retired veterans who worked on a housing project in the UK, with Habitat for Humanity GB Homes –

UK Volunteers


“We spend a lot of time in our own bubble, thinking about our own world. You look around here and you see 20 people helping out a project, making a difference”

… “It’s like a big family here, we’ve all got similar backgrounds. Here, there’s a great foundation for you to rebuild your life and start again.” (UK Volunteers)

#9 Humbling and Fulfilling 

Our 2017 Women Build in India was an enormous success and we hope to go above and beyond in 2018 –

“I was humbled by what I witnessed in Mumbai and the surrounding rural area and can only stress to others considering taking part in future builds just how fulfilling an opportunity it really is.” (Nicola)

Top Volunteers Quotes in India

#10 Something to Treasure Forever

“The sense of community, respect, hard work and support that we experienced is something I will treasure forever and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about taking part in a build to get out there and do it. It is an experience of a lifetime.” (Gill)

#Bonus Quote

(and possibly our favourite from the year so far) was said by one of our own Habitat for Humanity GB team members –

“It expands your heart to realise that we all share a need for a home, and the need to make a home for others.”  (Manuela, India Build)

Would you like to feauture in our top moment round up next year? Then join us on one of our many GV builds happening in 2018!

We hope you enjoyed these inspiring quotes. Find out more or get involved

Thank you from Nepal to all Volunteers quotes

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