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Our Partnership with CALA

Our partnership with CALA Homes began in 2017 with their participation in Hope Challenge, where they spent the weekend building a shelter and trekking through the Peak District. They then sent volunteers to the Big Build in Cambodia, helping represent the UK housebuilding industry at a large international volunteer event. In February 2019 a new team of CALA Home volunteer's will travel to Battambang, Cambodia to build more homes.

Helping to build communities

CALA Homes relationship with Habitat for Humanity began in 2017, when they signed up to take part part in Habitat for Humanity’s signature fundraising event, The Hope Challenge.

They took a team to the Hope Valley to build a shelter to sleep in for two nights, followed by a trek and a series of Mental and Physical Challenges.

In November of the same year, a team of volunteers headed out to Battambang in Cambodia, for the 2017 Big Build. The group joined 259 volunteers from across the world to build 29 homes in just 10 days.

CALA Home’s are currently preparing for a second trip to Cambodia, with a team flying out to build  in February 2019.

Supporting our work

By supporting our work at large, CALA Homes are enabling us to respond with agility and flexibility to the housing crisis.

Contributions such as theirs means that we can grow and develop whilst focusing on our vision of a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

Employee Engagement

CALA Homes brought an enthusiastic spirit to The Hope challenge despite the wet weather during the trek!

This energy and commitment to support Habitat for Humanity’s vision continued with their Cambodia trip and the team expressed how profound they found the home building experience.

The 2019 team will continue CALA Home’s commitment to helping those with housing needs, by building more homes they will change the lives of others, whilst witnessing the impact their support has.

We have been incredibly privileged to be able to support this family. The reward of doing something so immediately tangible in terms of its benefits and being able to see them move in to their home will be up there in terms of the most profound moments in life for all of us. CALA Homes team following their Cambodia Trip.
The legacy of giving someone secure accommodation in which they can build their lives from is just amazing.Andrew, CALA Homes
When you see the legacy of what we’re leaving behind, you realise it’s a home for somebody, I know that does sound like a cliché. But you can actually now because there are other houses on site that are finished you can see enough into the door to see it’s somebody’s home. Although on video and in photos it might just look like one tiny room, and for many, it is, for these people, this is an absolute transformation.
Rachel, CALA Homes

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