The benefits of becoming a hope builder

Transform your company

Hope Builders is a unique campaign connecting housebuilders to a global mission to create new beginnings for the world’s most vulnerable families.

With the support of a dedicated account manager, we’ll work with you to organise fundraising events that unite employees, provide life changing volunteering opportunities, transform your PR and build meaningful connections with your local community.

“We all worked in the same company but in different departments… So, one of my favourite memories was working as a team. Coming together and forming good bonds.” (John Young – WATG)

Case study

Upon return from their build in Malawi in October 2016, Miller Homes took their story to Newbottle Primary School. Two members of the team hosted a school assembly to give a presentation on their incredible work building homes in Salima, and opened ‘Hope Shelter’, a safe space for the children in their school playground.

Miller Homes awarded “Investor in People” Gold Status

I have been immensely impressed by your Habitat project, where you raised substantial sums of money then took a team of people to Malawi and built 4 homes for local people. This not only provided these people with homes and building skills but it was also fantastic cross functional/divisional team building on a global scale. Even for the people who did not go to Malawi it has generated huge amounts of passion and enthusiasm in the fund raising activities. Tom Hutchison, Lead Specialist with Investors in People Scotland