Celebrating Women all around the World!

Habitat for Humanity is committed to helping women thrive. Not only do we help women out of poverty by addressing a critical housing need, but also with access to clean water and toilets, education on legal rights, and entrepreneurial and business training. It is clear that by removing the barriers that exist in women’s daily lives, together, we can build better futures for women and girls.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve asked our colleagues, partners, and beneficiaries to share their experiences on their journey with Habitat for Humanity. These are their messages of hope and change!

Meet Alice, Media and Donor Relations Officer at Habitat for Humanity Zambia!

“I am proud to work for Habitat for Humanity because it allows me to contribute towards helping women thrive! Not only by addressing their housing needs but by ensuring they have access to clean water and safe sanitation services.”

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Meet Tessa, Director of Development at Habitat for Humanity Great Britain!

“The Coronavirus pandemic has threatened development efforts globally and the first victims of this deterioration are women. But when women come together to combine our voices, our expertise and our dedication, we are such powerful agents of change!
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Meet Ceara, Global Village Team Leader at Habitat for Humanity Great Britain!

“When people ask you where are you going and you say “I am going to build a house in Malawi, they look at you and say “but you’re a woman, how can you do that? You’re not very strong!”. But, these volunteers that I’ve worked with have strength unbeknown to anyone else!

Meet Gertrude, a proud Habitat Homeowner in Zambia!

“The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected me and many other women globally. I no longer have my job as a domestic servant since the pandemic started. This had made life economically challenging. Despite these challenges, my new home has given me a voice and restored my hope in my community as I am now looked at, with respect.”

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Meet Jennifer, National Director at Habitat for Humanity Netherlands!

“The women I’m privileged to meet at my work with Habitat are truly incredible. In the most dreadful of circumstances, they push boundaries, go beyond limits to pursue a better life for their families and themselves. Their perseverance, their strength is inspiring and humbling – it amazes me and makes me proud to work for Habitat!”

Read the stories of Sahab, Rasha, Inaam, the refugee women breaking barriers in Lebanon here.

Meet Faith, Project Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity Zambia!

“I’m proud to be part of the force of change that brings together hands and hearts to ensure that our beneficiaries, which comprise mostly of women, have good sanitation, secure land and a decent place to call home!”

Meet Heather, Resource Development Director for Habitat for Humanity International’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Office!

“We do so much for women and young girls through our programmes! Making sure there’s water available right next to the families’ homes prevents young girls from having to walk hours to collect clean water and using that time to study instead! It makes such a difference!”
Susan likes reading the Chichewa language, social studies, life skills, and a bit of English. Her school performance has improved since she moved into her new Habitat house in Malawi! Click here to read her story!

Meet Saren, Finance and Admin Officer at Habitat for Humanity Cambodia!

“I am proud to have contributed to the mission of Habitat for Humanity to promote decent housing for all people. As a woman I think we are truly involved in helping women because a decent house could help their physical and mental well being, their children and other family members.”

Meet Jenny, Chief Executive at Habitat for Humanity Ireland!

“All of Habitat’s programming is focused on empowerment rather than dependency and I love that women are at the heart of it! I celebrate the many women Habitat homeowners around the world whose courage and commitment to build a better future for their families inspires me!”

“When we received this gift our hearts were full of joy. We won’t stop taking care of the house, we’ll treat it as a child.” Click here to find out how Bertha’s life changed after she moved with her five children to her new Habitat home in Malawi.


Meet Margaret, Executive Director at CBTOZ, Habitat for Humanity Zambia’s partner!

“Habitat has done so much for the people of Kamanga, they’ve built them shelter, and they’ve given them life skills!”

Meet Jo, Responsible Business Manager at Lloyds of London!


“Huge thanks to Habitat for making sure that gender based issues are included in their project design and for educating grant givers and partners, like Lloyds to help improve the lives of more women internationally!”

Meet Kouy, a proud Habitat Homeowner in Cambodia!

“After I got a new home I feel more confident!”

Meet Jan, Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Great Britain!

“I’ve been so impressed at the strength and determination of all of these women to make a difference. They know having a house gives security, gives them health, gives a place for their children to learn and a place to build relationships and a place to retreat. Women know how to make a house into a home!

Meet Kathleen, Group Digital Marketing Manager at Cala Homes and Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity Great Britain!

“Habitat for Humanity have not been able to send teams the usual way that they do, but I know that they continue doing the build work with local teams and I’m continuing to raise money as well, which is crucial to continue the good work that they do.”

Happy Women’s Day!

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