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In Kenya we help vulnerable communities to build homes and hope to alleviate housing poverty. The housing deficit in Kenya stood at 2 million in 2012 and continues to grow at the rate of over 200,000 units a year.


+19,000 families served / +10,000 volunteers hosted / Projects: housing microfinance, housing for vulnerable families, advocacy

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Country Overview

The poor, especially children and women, elderly and persons with disabilities are the most at risk in the country. Under the newly developed government system, housing delivery is the responsibility of the county governments who often lack the resources and know-how to deal with the housing situation. On top of that, limited access to land, limited understanding on how to go about obtaining land and property licences, a lack of sufficient income, and lack of affordable housing options are just some of the many hurdles to reaching the goal of providing a decent home for everyone.

Through crafting and testing viable, scalable and innovative housing solutions, Habitat for Humanity work with vulnerable groups to address extreme poverty and health issues through partnerships with NGOs, government and private sector players. Our local team on the ground positions itself to be one of the leading experts on affordable housing solutions. This is done by providing information, knowledge and skills on various affordable building technologies and housing solutions to implement and create safe and decent housing.


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