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In Zambia we run a number of important programmes to address the housing, water and sanitation needs in the country. Some of our projects include house construction, provision of interest-free mortgages through micro finance projects (micro-loans) and the installation of boreholes for access to clean water.


+3,500 families served / +1,800 volunteers hosted / Projects: new homes for vulnerable groups, housing microfinance, water and sanitation, advocacy and awareness raising

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A quick overview of our projects in Zambia:

We run a number of programmes to address the housing, water and sanitation needs in the country, including:

  • House construction for vulnerable groups in society.
  • Provision of interest-free mortgages (also known as micro-loans) to families so that they can afford repayments.
  • Installation of boreholes and water kiosks that large groups can easily access in the community.
  • Awareness raising on issues affecting poor and vulnerable groups delivered through learning sessions and study groups.
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment training for all ages.
  • Advocating for fair and just housing policies through partnerships and meetings with country representatives.
  • Engaging volunteers both from overseas and locally within the communities that we work in.


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