Our partnership with AON

We began our partnership in 2012 with Aon plc, a large global professional services firm that sells a range of financial risk-mitigation products. Initially a team of 13 employees from across the UK travelled to Mozambique to help to build a home. Since then, they have sent over 100 hundred employees to build in Zambia, Cambodia and Guatemala. In January 2021 they will send their largest team so far, a group of 50, who will travel to India to continue their building legacy.

Helping to build communities

AON are dedicated supporters of our Global Village programme. Over the last 6 years over 100 AON employees’ have travelled overseas to help to build homes and smokeless stoves for those living in the poorest communities.

In each country, they have taken part in activities such as mixing concrete, laying bricks and digging foundations, all under the guidance of the local builders and alongside the recipient families.

Building homes and changing lives

AON began their relationship with us 2012 when their first team of 13 took part in a trip to Mozambique, building 2 homes during their time there.

This was followed by a team of 19 flying to Zambia in October 2014. During this trip the team managed to work on 3 homes with 2 of the 3 completed in the 5 days.

Motivated by the the previous teams feedback, a new team of 33 leapt at the chance to take part in Aon’s third trip to Cambodia in November 2016.

This enthusiasm and passion to help provide others with a safe and secure home continued in 2019 when 22 employees travelled to Guatemala to help with the building of 2 homes and completion of 26 smokeless stoves.

Aon’s commitment and determination to support us has not waivered over that last year’s and they plan to send their largest team so far, a group of 50,to India in January 2021 and for the first time to include local staff in the volunteering efforts.

Employee Engagement

For each trip AON employees take part in a variety of fundraising activities. This has ranged from pushing themselves to run a half marathon, to balloon modelling at children’s parties, and baking cakes to sell in the office.

Whilst they have individual targets to raise, they work as a team to ensure that the maximum funds are raised and to support our vision of a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

I was really happy and excited when the volunteer team built the house. I can say that this is my own house as compared to the old one where we were considered illegal dwellers. Now we own this house and plot.  We are no longer squatters; we have a decent place to live. Tes Theary, a mother of 3, Cambodia
Quite simply one of the most rewarding things I have ever done! And rewarding on a number of different levels - the obvious is seeing the difference that the efforts of the group made to the lives of a surprisingly large group of individuals and their, quite often, emotional response. From a corporate perspective I have made connections across the organisation that I would never would have without this initiative. Those connections are already helping me to achieve more and I have also been able to assist others.At a personal level I have shared this fantastic experience with a group of people that I’m proud to call my friends and even prouder that we consider ourselves family.
I would highly recommend anyone, presented with an opportunity to fundraiser/volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, to seize that opportunity! You won’t regret it and it will be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make...I will be volunteering again!
Mike Purtill, Aon Employee

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