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We are delighted to have worked with AON plc since 2012. Aon are a large global professional services firm that sells a range of financial risk-mitigation products.

AON Volunteers in Guatemala

Hands-On Support

As dedicated supporters of our Global Village programme, Aon have sent over 100 employees to participate in our overseas volunteering projects in various locations around the world.

In each country they have volunteered in, AON employees have taken part in activities such as mixing concrete, laying bricks and digging foundations.

The work that AON has completed will enable families to focus on their futures. The beneficiaries that AON have worked alongside will no longer need to choose between investing in home repairs or investing in their futures.

AONs Impact Around the World

Since building with us in Mozambique, AON have continued to help us achieve our vision of a world where everyone has a safe place to call home by building homes and stoves in vulnerable communities around the world. 

Building Homes in Zambia

Despite Zambia having one of the world’s fastest growing economies, it remains one of the world’s poorest countries. Currently, close to 64% of Zambians live under $2 a day and the majority of those who earn more barely make ends-meet. As part of a project that focuses on housing for marginalised and vulnerable people, AON sent 19 employees to build homes in rural Zambia. In October 2014, the team were able to construct 2 homes over 5 days, with further progress made on the construction of a third home.

Watch Aon's Zambia Build

Construction in Cambodia

Over 1/4 of the population lives in poverty in Cambodia. Following decades of war under the khmer rouge, Cambodia has seen its level of poverty decline but huge inequalities persist. The food and economic crises in 2008 and 2009 led to high levels of rural to urban migration, predominantly to the capital Phnom Penh. Motivated by this and the the previous teams feedback, in November 2016, a new team of 33 AON employees leapt at the chance to take part in building homes in Cambodia.

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Stoves in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the most diverse countries in Central America, and it accounts for about 40% of the region’s population. It is also one of the poorest and most inequitable countries in Latin America. In 2019, AONs enthusiasm and passion for safe and secure homes saw 22 employees build 2 homes and 26 smokeless stoves in Guatemala.

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Traditional Homes in Mozambique

In 2012, AON took on their first build with Habitat for Humanity Great Britain. 13 employees took on the challenge to build safe homes Mozambique where 2 houses were built using local materials with stabilized foundations and cement floors.

AON Fundraising

For each trip, AON employees have taken part in a variety of fundraising activities. They have pushed themselves to run half marathons, hosted balloon modelling at children’s parties, baked cakes to for the office and more.

The funds raised by AON have enabled them to take part in our build projects as well as assisting the funding of the resources and staff needed to build.

Making a Difference

“Quite simply one of the most rewarding things I have ever done! And rewarding on a number of different levels – the obvious is seeing the difference that the efforts of the group made to the lives of a surprisingly large group of individuals and their, quite often, emotional response.

From a corporate perspective I have made connections across the organisation that I would never would have without this initiative. Those connections are already helping me to achieve more… At a personal level I have shared this fantastic experience with a group of people that I’m proud to call my friends and even prouder that we consider ourselves family…”

-Mike Purtill, Aon Employee

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Tes Theary's New Home

“I was really happy and excited when the volunteer team built the house. I can say that this is my own house as compared to the old one where we were considered illegal dwellers. Now we own this house and plot.  We are no longer squatters; we have a decent place to live.”

-Tes Theary, a mother of 3, Cambodia

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