Our partnership with Touchstone

Touchstone have partnered with us since 2016. Over the years, Touchstone have supported our global projects through project funding and volunteering.

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Building Safe and Decent Homes

Touchstone have funded the construction of over 30 homes during their partnership with us. This has contributed significantly to building a world where everyone has a safe place to call home.

In addition to supporting our global projects on the ground, Touchstone have been directly involved in helping us to renovate disused spaces in Great Britain.

Touchstone employees have challenged themselves by laying bricks, mixing mortar, and installing window and door frames whilst overseas. They have participated in a volunteering day in Great Britain, taken part in bag packing, completed steps challenges and boosted their fitness with challenge called ‘Pounds for Pounds’.

Vulnerable Children in Malawi

Fomr 2016-2019, Touchstone funded a three year project in Salima, Malawi that saw the construction and improvements of 24 homes and 24 toilets for orphans and vulnerable children. One of the families Touchstone’s partnership was able to support was Estina and her children who were in need of a safe place to call home.

As a result of this intervention, the children will attain better health status and better home learning conditions – transforming their lives.

Construction in Cambodia

In 2018, Touchstone provided funds to support a project in Siem Reap Cambodia. Touchstone funded the construction of 17 houses and renovation of a further 21 properties in Cambodia. As part of the New Start, New Life Project they also support the construction of 10 additional toilets that will serve 48 people.

Alongside the construction plans, 38 families (182 people) receive training on financial literacy, home maintenance and livelihood skills with Touchstone’s support.

Further to this, Touchstone supported 17 families through micro-business grants after having completed financial literacy training.

Charlie Chaplin Playground

In support of our work in Great Britain, Touchstone funded a feasibility study for the Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground based in London.

The Charlie Chaplin Playground is a space for children  to relax, play and attend educational programmes after-school and during the summer holiday.

Great Britain Projects
Seeing the smile on the families faces at the end made all the hard work worth it and how the whole community came together to help out in any way they could just kept pushing you to try harder. To me I still haven’t really come back to my reality yet and speaking to people who have gone before it doesn’t sound like you ever do and that’s fine by me as that trip, community and the people I shared this experience with will always be a part of me. I think we all had the same feeling when we got back of ‘Just get me on that plane and send me back again’ and that feeling will stay with me forever. Greg, Touchstone.

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