COINS are a leading supplier of construction software solutions that have been involved in a number of projects with us. COINS have witnessed first-hand the impact their support has around the world.

COINS Romania team

Supporting Global Projects

The COINS Foundation support a variety of global projects that have seen hundreds of families supported through housing, water and sanitation, and finance.

From helping support Microfinance Projects in Uganda and Slum Rehabilitation in Ethiopia, to sponsoring and fundraising for our Hope Challenge event. COINS Foundations’ impact is far reaching.

COINS Impact Around the World

Since our partnership began, COINS have contributed to supporting projects in over 5 countries. The projects that COINS have supported rage from Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Projects, to doubling gifts made at Christmas time. Scroll through the stories below to see COINS' impact.

Microfinance in Uganda

COINS have helped us to support families in Uganda through microfinance. Microfinance helps to make very small loans accessible to the those in the poorest communities. Whilst we do not issue these loans, we collaborate with partner microfinance institutions.  Hundreds of recipients are using the loans to repair and renovate their homes, considerably improving their living conditions.

Microfinance in Uganda

Slum Rehabilitation in Ethiopia

COINS have contributes to a Slum Rehabilitation Projects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This project  focuses on housing renovation, construction of new homes and safe sanitation. Alongside this, training is given to families on the topic of hygiene and sanitation to improve knowledge and understanding.

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Honduras Women Build

Employees from COINS participated in a Women Build house build project in Honduras. Our Women Build programme brings together women from all walks of life to help build better futures for women and their families. This build saw a team of women from COINS, individuals and women from other companies come together to provide safe and decent housing to some of the most vulnerable families in the community.

Social Housing in Honduras

Romania Build

In 2018, a team of COINS employees travelled to Ploiesti, Romania to spend a week building houses. Families in Romania often cannot afford to repair their dilapidated housing or are unable to pay the high rents in better accommodation. Throughout the Romania build, COINS volunteers contributed their physical and mental skills to ensure that the houses are built to a high quality and serve the families needs.

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Hope Challenge

Two COINS teams took part in our Hope Challenge shelter build and trekking event. This event raised awareness and vital funds that supported our global projects. As a sponsor of the event, Hope Challenge would not have been able to take place if it were not for the support of COINS.

Building Around the World

In addition to sending volunteers to participate in our build projects in Honduras and Romania, COINS have also sent employees to build homes in Mumbai, Albany, Haiti and at the Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground in London. Each of these projects have seen vulnerable people supported with safe shelter.

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Help at Christmas

In 2019, our Christmas Appeal focused on our work in Great Britain. We told the story of Josh, a man that had been made homeless and was in need of safe shelter. All donations made to our appeal were kindly matched by COINS, enabling us to widen our impact of the money donated by kind corporates and individuals.

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A Personal Experience

“As a team building and bonding exercise, I have to admit that this was probably the best activity I have ever undertaken. Not only in my 19 years at COINS but including school, college and my pre-COINS career.
Undertaking physical work together, outside, without the distraction of phones, laptops, emails and the general day-to-day stress of COINS life left us free to communicate on a truly personal level.” – Alex Smyrl, COINS

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