Brussels to Paris Cycle Challenge

On 13-15th June 2024, a group of St Modwen’s colleagues and Blackstone portfolio companies will take on the 2024 Brussels to Paris Cycle Challenge for Habitat for Humanity Great Britain.


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A group of St Modwen’s colleagues and Blackstone portfolio companies will embark on a cycling expedition from Brussels to Paris on June 13th, 2024. This adventure aims to support Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, an organization dedicated to providing safe and affordable housing. As they pedal through beautiful landscapes, these individuals will push their limits and make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Their dedication and unity will raise awareness and funds for Habitat for Humanity, ensuring more families have the chance to build their own homes. Together, they will bridge the gap between hopelessness and hope, leaving a lasting impact.


About The Event

Join a cycling adventure from Brussels at 8.45 am. We will start by cycling through the outskirts of Brussels, advancing through at lunch to the charming villages to Roubaix, where relaxation awaits. On day 2, cycle through diverse landscapes to Brasles, with convenient water and food stations along the way. On day 3, pass through the Chateau Thierry vineyards and countryside before reaching Muoy and the outskirts of Paris, where the iconic Eiffel Tower awaits. Finish the journey with a celebration and a comfortable hotel stay!

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Your support can help us to...

Improve air quality

Through the provision of smokeless stoves, we are helping families to worry less about the impacts of smoke when cooking meals inside the home.
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Create opportunities

When James' father became chronically ill, we were able to support him to enter back into school and even start an apprenticeship.
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The Habitat GB Team wish St Modwen’s colleagues and Blackstone portfolio companies all the best of luck with their Brussels to Paris cycling challenge.