Natural Disaster Relief

Our charity's emergency response work

Our charity’s disaster relief work takes us relentlessly across the world to support the communities worst hit by natural disasters. War, conflict and civil unrest also create millions of refugees, whom we often work with as well, for example in the rehabilitation of their homes and communities.

Who is affected?

Families left homeless by disasters and refugees who return to their homelands face bleak futures, as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

By giving the communities the means to rebuild, we have been able to support, empower and work with families in building recovery shelter and housing solutions.

A transition to durable shelters

Recovery after a disaster begins on day one, and we know that when it comes to shelter assistance, one size does not fit all.

We believe the victims should be able to take back control of their lives and of the recovery process as soon as possible.

Our long term goal is to support disaster-affected families and communities in achieving permanent, durable homes and settlements. This is the core purpose of our vision: a world where everyone has a safe, decent place to call home.

Learning from the 2010 Haiti earthquake

As our team was distributing emergency shelter kits after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, we started to develop the next steps in its response to the disaster. Given the scale of the need, we decided that transitioning to durable shelter solutions would be the best solution.

The significant number of families that had been affected and were facing the upcoming hurricane season meant that we had to act very fast. That’s how we gradually designed a process to make this transition work.

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Guiding principles of our process

Our goal is always to build permanent, durable shelter A good reconstruction policy helps engage communities and empowers people to…
  • Our goal is always to build permanent, durable shelter
  • A good reconstruction policy helps engage communities and empowers people to rebuild their housing and their lives
  • We work alongside local communities, businesses and governments to make this happen. Including everyone early on is key to the success of our work
  • Reconstruction plans should be financially realistic but also ambitious in terms of disaster risk reduction
  • We try to avoid relocation as it can disrupt lives
  • In order to contribute to long-term development, reconstruction must be sustainable.
Housing Poverty in Nepal

Our charity’s disaster relief work has helped more than 50,000 families worldwide.

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