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In Bangladesh we mobilise people and resources to help low-income families gain access to decent housing. Nearly one-third of the 160 million population is living below the national poverty line.


+6,200 families served / +1,929 volunteers hosted / Projects: construction, renovation, WaSH, slum upgrading

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Bangladesh Overview

Since 1999, Habitat for Humanity has been working with low-income families to fight housing poverty in Bangladesh by building decent homes and repairing, rehabilitating and renovating housing in much need of improvement.

To improve the health of families, we partnered with many local organisations to provide access to clean water, safe sanitation facilities and raise personal hygiene standards – effectively reducing the spread of diseases within communities. Bangladesh is among the most populous countries in the world with more than 1,100 people packed into every square kilometre. Nearly one-third of the 160 million population is living below the national poverty line, according to World Bank’s data in 2010.

Recent projects include improvements in the Beguntila slum in Dhaka through the provision of clean water supply, improved toilets, communal bath houses and training in better hygiene. Our local team works with partners and volunteers to provide decent homes as a way out of poverty.

Responding to natural disasters such as cyclones or storms has enabled us to help Bangladeshi families rebuild more resilient homes.

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