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In Vietnam, Habitat for Humanity help families to improve their living conditions through the construction of safe and decent homes. We also support communities by improving accessibility to clean water and education around safe sanitation. We work with vulnerable communities where 11% of Vietnam’s population live below the national poverty line.


Individuals served in 2016: 3,750 / Volunteers hosted in 2016: 868 / Projects: community housing development, disaster resilience, housing market development and volunteer program

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We began addressing housing poverty in Vietnam in January 2001 with our first project in Danang City in the central coastal region.

As of June 2014, we have enabled more than 13,300 low income Vietnamese families to improve their living conditions through decent homes, clean water and safe sanitation. Our local team has also provided training in areas such as disaster preparedness, financial education, and hygiene practices to more than 56,000 individuals.

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