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In Ethiopia, Habitat for Humanity predominantly work in slums and areas with informal settlements to support vulnerable people. In the country, around 24% of households in these areas do not have any form of toilet facilities meaning that around 63% of people need to use shared pit latrines (deep holes in the ground).


Families served in 2016: 3,305 / Volunteers hosted in 2016: 131 / Projects: construction, renovation, WaSH, slum rehabilitation

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In the capital Addis Ababa, houses in slum areas are old and dilapidated and too narrow to accommodate families, where the health and dignity is compromised.

Most families who live in dilapidated homes in slum areas share toilets that are also in very poor condition. 24% of the households do not have any form of toilet facility and 63% use shared pit latrines. 25% of the solid waste generated from the city is left unattended. Poor families do not have toilets at all or use bad toilets that are nearly abandoned.


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