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In India our projects include natural disaster relief and preparedness, volunteer builds, and sanitation projects to name a few. World Bank data showed the national poverty rate fell from 37% in 2005 to 21.9% in 2012.


738,850 individuals served in FY16 / 5,156 volunteers engaged in FY16 / Projects: affordable housing, disaster response, WaSH

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India Overview

The world’s largest democracy, the country has seen rapid economic growth and made progress toward achieving most of the Millennium Development Goals. Income inequality remains a challenge though the poverty rate has been declining.

Given the immense need for adequate housing in the country, we launched the “India BUILDS” campaign to engage donors, supporters and volunteers in our operations. With more than half a billion people practising open defecation in the country, our “Sensitise to Sanitise” campaign aims to address this problem by improving access to sanitation facilities (toilets, water and educational campaigns around hygiene)


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