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In Lebanon we address the housing need through our Housing and Microfinance and Orphans and Vulnerable Groups programmes.


+4,500 families served / +80 volunteers hosted / Projects: Slum rehabilitation, incremental building repairs

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Since 2001, we have reached across economic and social divisions to identify and confront the causes and effects of housing poverty in the country.

Our local team strives to fulfill its mission by building, rebuilding, renovating and rehabilitating houses through partnership models to reach the families in need of housing services across Lebanon.

From 1975 until the early 1990s, civil war destroyed not only lives, homes and infrastructure, but also its fragile society. An estimated 1 million people were displaced by fighting and hundreds of thousands were injured, killed or disappeared.

The damage to property alone was estimated at US$25 billion. Many more homes and lives were destroyed in the July–August 2006 war which also displaced one million people and damaged more than 100,000 houses.


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