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Water and sanitation facilities prevent the spread of diseases like cholera and are critical to improving health and economic prospects.

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At Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, we work with many communities to add clean water supplies and provide sanitary, safe and private toilets. However, the provision of toilets and water facilities by themselves is often not enough to bring about health changes such as a reduction in diarrhoea. As such, another element is needed.

Improvements in health from clean drinking water, improved sanitation, and WaSH training also link to economic benefits for those living in poverty. Better health results in less work time lost and fewer healthcare bills to pay, as well as less transport costs to access treatment.

Time and cost savings are also made by closer proximity to less expensive supplies. Sanitation provision and the upkeep of facilities can also provide livelihood opportunities for community members.

We often run hygiene programmes as part of our housing microfinance work and our disaster response and management work.

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