Team Leader Resources

Thank you for investing in our mission! As a Global Village team leader, you don’t just help improve the world – you help your teams reflect and reimagine themselves. Whether you are taking out your first team or your 40th, we’ve gathered resources to help you answer volunteers’ questions and plan a life-changing trip.

Becoming a Team Leader (TL)

Team Leader Role Description

In order to become a TL, you need to complete a Global Village Build as a volunteer, be signed off as a Deputy by an existing TL and attend an HFHGB TL Training.

If you would like to apply to become a Team Leader, please complete the form below. Your answers, alongside your TL’s feedback, will be considered. We will be in touch soon to help you continue your journey to becoming a fully-fledged TL!

TL Application Form

Before You Go

Your Team Leader Manual outlines your role and offers guidance and advice about each stage of leading a Global Village Build.

Team Leader Manual 2018

Whilst Team Leaders are not employees of HFHGB, you will be privy to personal information about volunteers, such as medical details and passport information. Please read our Confidentiality Policy in order to familiarise yourself with how such information should be handled.

Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy 

Team members will be keen to take gifts for the community and they may look to you as the Team Leader to advise them on what to take. HFHGB has comprehensive guidelines on what should be taken on a Build, these are outlined below and should be adhered to.

Gift Giving Policy

As a TL, you are required to source and purchase a First Aid Kit. This will then be yours to keep and take with you when you lead a Build. In consultation with existing TLs, a list of recommended First Aid Kit contents has been compiled to help you with purchasing what is necessary. A casualty monitoring document will also help you to look after and monitor any injuries that may occur on the Build.

On the Build

Below are some resources to help you as you lead your team in-country.

Tuckman’s Team Development

Kit List

Worksite Safety Policy

Child Labour Policy

Minors Policy

Alcohol Policy

Risk Management

Ensuring the health and safety for all volunteers is top priority for both HFHGB and the hosting country. See below for documents that will help you to keep volunteers safe whilst on the Build. Further information on how these documents should be used is in the Team Leader Manual.

Global Village Risk Assessment (sample)

Global Village Risk Assessment (blank)

Sample Health and Safety Briefing

Site Safety Checklist for Team Leaders

Site Safety Sheet for volunteers

Health and Safety Confirmation

Collecting stories and sharing the work that you do on your Global Village Build is a key part of continuing the programme and advocating for HFHGB. The local community will be keen to engage with the volunteers and vice versa, so it’s vital that these interactions have a positive outcome. We have collected some resources that could help guide interviews and photos – although do let interactions happen naturally!

Photo Release Form

Money Matters

As the Team Leader, you may get asked questions about where volunteers’ money is spent. HFHGB are very transparent about the cost and would encourage you to share the Donations Policy with participants.

Donations and Excess Funds Policy

Whilst as a volunteer you do not receive any payment for your services, we would not want you to be out of pocket when leading a GV Build. We are able to reimburse your personal costs, in line with the Expenses Policy below, or any emergency team costs incurred on the Build.

Expenses Policy

Team Leader Expense Claim Form


After the Build

Your role as a Team Leader does not end when the team finishes the Build. The team would have bonded over a life-changing experience and may experience mixed feelings as they adjust to life back in their home country.

We would encourage you to stay in touch with the team on your return and engage them further with our work so that they stay involved.

Stages of Re-entry


Emergency Management and Insurance

The TL will be given an Emergency Contact sheet to distribute to volunteers prior to the Build. This document will have all the relevant contact details for in-country staff, HFHGB emergency phone numbers and the insurance provider. A sample document is listed below.

HFHGB takes the health and well-being of our volunteers very seriously, we provide comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance coverage for all participants whilst they are on a GV Build. The Incident Report should be completed in order to document any occurrences that disrupt a Build or cause harm to a volunteer. The Claims Form should be completed in the event of the insurance policy being activated.

Blank Emergency Contact Sheet

Chubb Insurance Overview

Incident Report