Urbanisation and Slums Blogs

Urbanisation and Slum Blogs

Today, the current population growth is outpacing the rate at which cities can respond to the need for housing. This is the very condition under which slums thrive and grow out of control. As the world urbanises, many low-income families are often evicted by force and pushed to the edge of cities to unplanned and poorly serviced areas.

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Land rights are a key component in helping people to have a safe place to call home. Around the world, many people in vulnerable communities have little say over what happens to their land. Many women are often forced from their homes is they become widowed.

We advocate for land and housing rights and help people to manage their finances and their homes effectively. We also work with young people to teach them about their rights so that when they are old enough, they have all the knowledge that they need to be able to run a household.

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